Asset protection

Asset protection is a catchall term referring to the various legal strategies that you can take to protect your wealth (i.e. your assets). It is a critical element of any financial plan.

Originally developed for professionals, business owners, and investors, asset protection services are now just as important for ordinary people seeking to preserve the wealth accumulated during their productive life. Widespread use of personal guaranties by banks and creditors has created overwhelming personal exposure for most business owners and investors. Several factors have increased the need for proper asset protection planning, including professional and personal liability, frequent abuses of the legal system, and aggressive tactics employed by unscrupulous creditors and other third parties.

People know that preserving wealth is sometimes more difficult than creating it. The risk exposure of your assets is largely determined by financial and managerial decisions, but it can also be affected by legal risks you might be exposed to.

Either as an individual, or as a company, you want to protect the assets you own and be sure that they are „safe”.

Most persons ignore asset protection and when they realize the problem, it could be too late.

The best strategy is to prevent the problem, instead of solving it.

Our team can:

  • Evaluate legal risks your assets are exposed to;
  • Design and implement a comprehensive asset protection plan.

Such measures are individually proposed for each client, as they depend on the structure and the specifics of the business.