Debts recuperation

Today, both individuals and legal entities face the problem of non-return of funds.
When you are not able to collect your debts, our team can assist you, having large experience in this field.
There are three stages to solve your problem: pre-trial (optional: mediation); court trial and enforcement proceedings.
The less expensive and fast way is to solve the problem in pre-trial. Of course, you can save money, but you can waste your time.
The pre-trial stage consists in:
Document analysis;
Submitting claims;
Negotiations with the debtor;
(Optional) Mediation and enforcing the agreement of reconciliation
Court trial stage consists in:
Document analysis and in mandatory cases respecting the pre-trial procedure;
Preparation and submission of the application to the court;
(Optional) analyzing and submitting the application for asset seizure as interim measures;
Representation in front of the court.
Enforcement proceedings stage consists in:
Obtaining the writ of execution;
Submitting the writ of execution to the bailiff.
Having a writ of execution doesn’t guarantee that the money will be returned. This is why our team can assist you in the enforcement proceedings.
There are many cases when the debtor „hides” his assets or becomes bankrupt (insolvent). There could be also cases when the debtor doesn’t acts against his debtors, so he would have no assets that you can use to get your money back. These matters are out of bailiffs competence, but our team can analyze each particular situation to establish if there are possibilities to retrieve the assets.
If the debtor (legal entity) doesn’t have enough assets, we can assist you to initiate the insolvency procedures and represent you. In this procedures you can arise the question of subsidiary responsibility of the debtors (legal entity) governing bodies and/or shareholders.