Corporate & Commercial​

Our trustworthy and specialised layers provide professional services of high quality to our domestic or foreign clients. These services cover the entire spectrum of corporate law.

Our team is ready to represent your interests in aspects of the corporate life of your company, beginning from its establishment through to various aspects of its evolution and operations. Our team covers the entire spectrum of corporate law, such as:

  • establishing of the company;
  • assistance for obtaining the residence permit for foreign investors;
  • support for your company reorganization;
  • assisting domestic and cross-border transactions, including mergers and acquisitions;
  • representation before public authorities;
  • daily advice on any corporate and commercial legal aspects;
  • counseling in connection with ongoing contractual relationships;
  • advice on disputes, lawsuits and claims among company shareholders and/or company shareholders and the company, including claims and legal actions regarding decisions of the board of directors or the general shareholders meeting, court-ordered dissolution and the liability of company directors;
  • representing your company in lawsuits;
  • assisting in protection of your intellectual property;