Insolvency & Liquidation​

Facing economic crisis many companies become insolvent or unprofitable. The legal part of this matter is important, as the consequences could be, for example, an action for subsidiary liability of persons that consist in the governing bodies of the legal entity, a criminal charge, an invalidated debt or an unrecovered debt. This is why you should think dealing with this matter having a team of lawyers.

Before taking any decisions, no matter what is your status (creditor, debtor or a third party), it’s better to consult a specialist in this field. For the legal entities, we try always to provide alternative ways of solving the problems when the debts are higher than the assets of the company.

The insolvency procedure is a very complex one; our team has experience in representing both creditors and debtors.

In the insolvency sphere, we provide services for:

  • Consulting the client in the matters of insolvency, prior to court actions;
  • Initiating of insolvency procedure of a legal entity at the request of the debtor;
  • Initiating of insolvency procedure of a legal entity at the request of the creditor;
  • Submitting the application for debt validation;
  • Full support in the insolvency procedure of a legal entity;
  • Contesting of the decisions in the insolvency matters.

The liquidation of the legal entity is a voluntary procedure and it is mostly used when you decide to close your business.

Our team provides full support in the voluntary liquidation of the legal entities.