Real Estate​

Investing in real estate is expensive, but making this without prior legal analysis could be more expensive.

There are many cases when an investment turns into a nightmare, only because you didn’t analyzed the legal part of such investment.

Our team has experience both on consulting and litigation matters, this is why we can assist you and minimize all the risks, so you could develop your business.

We can assist in the real estate investment and construction projects:

– Issues of direct ownership by foreigners of agricultural land;

– Consulting on all issues arising in the process of buying land and constructions, including on changing the type of permitted use of land, obtaining permits for construction;

– Full support of real estate transactions;

– Comprehensive legal review of assets, companies and holdings;

– Minimization of risks of parties to a real estate transaction;

– Structuring, revision and reconfiguration of relations between investors, developers and contractors, including in connection with changes in the economics of projects;

– Asset protection and reduction of losses;

– Disputes in the field of construction and real estate rights;

– Judicial and extrajudicial methods of resolving conflicts while maintaining business relations and prospects for interaction between the parties;

– Disputes with government bodies;

– Disputes considering improper execution of construction works;

– Contractual support of real estate management processes;

– Structuring relations for the rental of real estate;

– Permissions and licenses;

– Environmental and sanitary issues.